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Taking Training to the Next Level

Pain is temporary, but your legacy lasts forever



LegacyFitness365 is a ministry first! We make sure that we help our clients spiritually then physically. 

Quintin Coleman Sr

  - Graduated from Hunter Huss High School in Gastonia, NC in 2010 and graduated from Johnson C Smith University 2019. 

 - Growing up in poverty wasn't easy and being exposed to drugs and violence with no positive role model was tough. But I thank my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ (Yahusha) for saving me and my family and leading me to help others not just in fitness/athletics, but spiritually.

 - I train ALL sports and specialize in speed, quickness, agility, strength, and conditioning. If you're looking to separate yourself from your competition, come train with LegacyFitness365!

Akela Coleman

 - Graduated from Hunter Huss High School in 2010. Went to Shaw University and Gaston College. 

 - Growing up, I wanted to go to the WNBA, but because I was bullied in high school, I decided to give up on my basketball career. Life was not easy, and at times I wanted to quit. But I thank God(Yahuah) for not giving up on me and I am happy I didn't give up on myself and my family. Everything I do now is for my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ (Yahusha) because He saved me and helped me be the woman and great trainer I am today. No one can train the way I train. So if you want the best, train with me, LegacyFitness365!



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